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OSB11 Swimming Starting Blocks

starting blocksOSB11 presents a powerful new patented feature, revolutionising the way the swimmers start from their blocks. Diving from the starting block with the body propelled by the knee at a 90° angle drastically increases the explosiveness of the start. Physical tests undertaken by top level swimmers showed faster races versus a standard block.

OSB11 Starting Blocks have been tested by world-class swimmers, who have helped to specify the optimum angles of both the platform and the footrest for racing starts. Design research also applied to the top surfaces, very comfortable yet rough enough to guarantee the swimmer a feeling of total security. The length of the platform is extended to 74 cm to accommodate the new styles of start.

The diameter and position of the handgrips have also been carefully considered to respond to all the requirements of different hand positions. A door at the back of the block allows easy access to the interior to connect the cabling.

OSB11 Starting Blocks benefit from a new design and an attractive color scheme.

  • Adjustable footrest
  • FINA compliance
  • Anti-slip top
  • Extended platform surface
  • Easy grasp handgrip
The OSB11 comes in 2 versions : with Relay Break Detection (RBD) system or simple (without). Both versions have the same base and top, providing an affordable and evolutive solution : a basic system can be upgraded later to a RBD system.

The footrest can be freely adjusted in length, or disassembled with standard tools.

In a fixed cable installation, the various items of the timing system connect into a lane Deck plate which is installed under the centre of each block. This offers physical protection for the cables, connections and speaker. An additional Start deck plate can be located next to the position of the acoustic start device.
Article number: 3454.700 (with RBD)
3454.701 (simple)
osb11 front osb11 side
Overall length x width: 780 x 640 mm
Top plate length x width: 740 x 520 mm
Height: max. 650 mm
Material: fiberglass
Weight: 47 kg
RBD contacts: N.O. , max. 100 mA / 12 V
RBD connection: cable with 2x banana plugs
Certifications: rohsRoHS compliant, FINA approved
  with RBD simple
set of 6: 3454.906 3454.916
set of 8: 3454.908 3454.918
set of 10: 3454.910 3454.920
Internal loudspeakers :
3399.600 (for fixed wiring, with 2x banana plugs)
3399.610 (for mobile wiring, with Tu4pM connector)
Deck plate sets :
3274.926 : Deck plate set for 6 lanes swimming pool
3274.928 : Deck plate set for 8 lanes swimming pool
3274.930 : Deck plate set for 10 lanes swimming pool
3274.635 : Start deck plate set (for the acoustic start device)
deck plate sets
Dynamometer :
9051.1015 : Dynamometer (for calibration of the RBD)
Download an information sheet: pdfdownload-628

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