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The Flash Start is a self-contained optical starting signal for swimming competitions which allows to see the exact starting moment of the race.

The Flash Start is the best complement to the acoustic system.
Both systems are driven by the StartTime V.

This technology is helpful for the athlete, who often wears earplugs which decrease hearing capacities and for the spectator who can see the start of the race from anywhere in the venue.
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  • h Self contained
  • h Extra luminous
  • h Cable length up to 100 m. max.
  • h Best complement to acoustic start system
  • h Flash Start and acoustic start system are fully synchronised
  • h Powered by the StartTime IV
  • h Visible from anywhere in the venue
  • h 360° visibility with horizontal mounting
Reference: 3481.951.25 (25m cable incl.)
  • h Power: 10-18V – only driven by the StartTime IV
  • h Flash reaction time: ≤ 1 ms
  • h Duration of the flash: 100 ms max.
  • h Minimum duration impulse: 50 ms
  • h Operating temperature: 0° C to + 50° C
  • h Storage temperature: -10° C to +60° C
  • h Protection: IP65
  • h Dimensions: 105 x 124 x 68 mm (LxWxH)
  • h Weight (without cable): 0.51 kg
  • h Polarity of the start impulse: normally open (NO) only
  • h Up to 10 Flash Starts can be connected in series
h 3481.951.05: Flash Start extension (additional flash + 5 m cable)
h 3481.751: Ball head support for Led Flash
h 9051.6336: Multipurpose tripod supporting up to 2.5 kg
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