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Tracker - Pursuit Clocks

The TRACKER has been designed and developed by SWISS TIMING in parallel to the STARTING GATE, the two units complementing each other. It is used in pairs on all cycling events using Velodromes and cycling tracks, such as Individual and Team Pursuit, 500 meters Time Trial, 1Km Time Trial and Team Sprint.

Its dynamic design features two digits on its front face, each composed of 150 amber LEDs, which automatically adapt to the ambient light conditions thanks to an integrated sensor. It is topped by two LED semaphores, red and green, which during a pursuit race, provide the athletes with information about whether they are leading or trailing at that time.

Linked to a pair of starting gates, they ensure a fully automated start sequence, and a perfectly synchronized opening of the gates, as well as the sending of a synchronized signal to the optional timing device.

The set includes a Main Judge Controller and connection cables for the starting gates. This easy to use TRACKER controller is equipped with an LCD matrix screen showing the lap status of the competition. It allows the selection of the number of laps to run, and a command to start the countdown sequence.
  • Top features
  • Contents of the set (3442.900)
  • Specifications
  • Typical Configuration
  • Brochure
  • Countdown display + sound
  • Lap counter
  • Red & green semaphore
  • Integrated keyboard
  • Manual rotation
  • Integrated battery
During their start phase, the TRACKERS display a 50 seconds countdown, as required by the UCI rules. Geographically located at the centre of the Velodrome, the "Official Starter" launches the countdown from the Main Judge Controller. To help the athletes to keep concentrated on the start signal, the TRACKER beeps at 30 seconds, 10 seconds, and then every second for the last five seconds, with a different sound for the last beep. The volume is adjustable, and the last sound (signalling the start) can be switched to a synthesized pistol sound. As soon as both STARTING GATES are open, the timing starts and the TRACKERS automatically switch to "Lap Counter" mode after 5 seconds. All distance values and the amount of laps are entered.

Both referees assigned as lap counters may independently decrease the laps by using a keypad located on the left side of the clock. The system is used by SWISS TIMING, and is homologated by the UCI for national and international competitions.
Art. Number Name Quantity
3442.700 TRACKER 2x
9051.6335 support 2x
1712.010 Start cable for starting gate 2x 10 m
1871.050 Cable 2x 50 m
3442.720 Main Judge Controller 1x
3442.601 Connection cable
Power cable for controller
1874.005 Power cable for TRACKER 2x
Tracker Specifications
Article number : 3442.900
Housing width : 640 mm (690 mm with handles)
Housing (height x depth) : 715 x 155 mm
Digit height : 26 cm
Support height : adjustable 1040 to 1490 mm
Weight with support : 21.6 kg
Backup battery life : 4 hours
Power supply : 115-230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption : 100 VA
Countdown sound : Beep (500 and 1000 Hz)
Countdown start : Bang
Last Lap indication sound : Bell (synthesized)
Volume : Adjustable, up to 102 dB
Integrated keypad : 4 keys (clear, lap +, lap-, bell control)
Operating temperature : 0 to 50°C
Storage temperature : -10 to +50°C
Protection: IP 55 IP55
Certification : ce logo and rohs RoHS compliant
Main Judge Controller specifications
Dimensions : 336 x 210 x 84 mm
Weight : 2.2 kg
Display type : 240 x 128 pixels matrix LCD
Power supply : 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Operating temperature : 0 to +50°C
Storage temperature : -10 to +50°C
Protection : IP42
Certification : ce logo and rohs RoHS compliant
tracker config
Download and information sheet: pdfdownload-628

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