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Field Tablet

The TimeTronics FieldTablet is an electronic device used by the officials or volunteers in the field, allowing them to easily enter, edit and confirm all field event results.

This user-friendly system makes it possible that the officials or volunteers can be trained in only a few minutes of time. FieldScoreboards can also be integrated allowing the spectators, the press, the stadium speaker and the athletes to view the results in real time.

Main advantages:
• Low cost solution  
• Very user-friendly  
• Distribution of real time athlete information to the requested interfaces like scoreboards and live results on internet
• Wireless communication with the central AthleticsManager system, scoreboards, WindSpeed and EDM  
• WindSpeed is connected and driven by the FieldTablet; no extra official required for the operation of the wind-measurement  
• Laser Distance and Height Measurement System (EDM) is connected and controlled by the FieldTablet; no extra work or errors by typing results 

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