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Electronic Start System

What is an Electronic Starting Device? 
It is an electronic audio-visual start signal generator that can be used for all types of races.
• It generates a start signal by sound and flashlight
• It does not use gunpowder and is safe to handle
• It can generate a synthesized firing signal or an electronic beep
• The start official can use a Headset Microphone (optional and for Pro version only) to amplify and communicate his/her voice message to the athletes
• It can be used with one portable sound system or more, or with other equipment to suit your timing system

Advantages of the TTC-063 Pro versus TTC-064 Club
• The Pro system has a pre trigger point (like a traditional start gun)
• The Pro system has a stronger (more visible) flash light
• The Pro system is more robust
• The Pro system can be connected to a microphone (P1125) to amplify the starters voice 

SpeakerBox TTC-067
To hear the actual starting sound, you need to connect the electronic start device to a speaker system.
For this reason the SpeakerBox is designed to mount underneath or inside a starter stand.

pdfdownload-628 Link to Brochure

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