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Athletics Manager (Software)

Athletics MeetManager is a software program (database), running on a central computer network, in which all information of the meeting is centralized. It’s a system to organize your meeting, faster and correct.
Main advantages:
• Very user-friendly interface  
• Easy access and overview of different events
• Easily add and remove athletes of event list
• Integrated search-function (athletes, ...)
• Server and different “Clients”
• Range of data input-possibilities  
• Possibility for agegrading 

Easy access and overview of different events
With the new AthleticsManager, not only the central computer has an overview of the different events, but also shares data with clients”. These Client-computers can easily access the different events and (automatically) synchronise live data.
The most complex control settings (f.e. point calculation rules), are managed by a “superuser”. The other users can be given custom-made rights.  
The Client-computers therefore give you the flexibility to work with multiple persons on multiple computers in a network. Anybody can do everything on any computer, as long as he/she is qualified for that and has the according licences. This way a client computer can also be used to insert live field event result data, just as the FieldTablet. 

LIVE results for speaker and spectators!!
Until now, the speakers and the spectators had to wait for start lists and results until they were printed out on paper. Result: sometimes mistakes and delays. Now the software makes it possible to see the start lists and results LIVE on an INTRANET WEBSITE.
This intranet website is very interesting for the speaker. He does not have to write down every detail anymore in order to know the halfway score. Spectators and trainers benefit from accessing this intranet website (on a laptop
or desktop PC) is very interesting. The computer can be placed in a kiosk, even with optional projector to show all data on a larger screen

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