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ASC2 - False Start Detection

cabinetStart monitoring systems are used for athletic events, especially during major competitions.

ASC2 (Automatic Start Control) is suitable for all levels of athletics, and is compatible with timing installations manufactured by Swiss Timing. It enables up to 10 lanes to be monitored simultaneously.

The starting block sensors take account of the physiological response time, i.e. the time elapsed between the starting signal and the thrust of the athlete’s heel against the starting block. The system memorizes and prints all the reactions times occurring in the interval of one second before and one second after the starting gunshot. In the event of a false start, an acoustic signal is transmitted by the central station to the starter’s headphones and to the starting block loudspeakers.

Online data transfer is made possible via a RS422 serial line to a data handling unit and SCAN'O'VISION units.

An OST4 transducer for start pistol is included in the set. A second OST4 transducer can be connected simultaneously to the system as an option, in order to provide a backup signal, thus improving the total reliability.

The orders of the starter are amplified and easily understandable by the athletes in their individual loudspeaker. The volume of the voice calls and the volume of the false start warning sound can be individually adjusted.
  • ASC2 control cabinet specs
  • ASC2 set
  • Starting blocks features & specs
  • Starting Blocks Sets
  • CHRONOS timing unit features
Article number : 3448.900
Dimensions : 650 x 520 x 805 mm
Total weight : 52 kg (without starting blocks)
Power supply : 115-230 VAC
Power consumption : 200 VA
Battery autonomy : 6 hours @ 20°C
Audio amplifier power : 20 W RMS
Timing precision : 1 ms
Data connection : RS422
Operating temperature : 0 to + 50°C
Storage temperature : -20 to +70°C
Protection : IP43
Certifications : ce logo and rohs RoHS compliant
  • Cabinet : stainless steel construction, braked wheels carriage, rain-proof casing.
  • CHRONOS timing unit
  • Interface for starting blocks sensors & loudspeakers
  • 12 V, 12 Ah battery
  • 3431.701 : OST4 transducer with interface and accessories for start pistol
  • Starter headset with microphone
  • 20 m cable reel for connection from cabinet to starting blocks
  • 20 m cable reel for connection from cabinet to headset & start transducer
  • Starter connection box (for headset & transducer)
  • Start connection box for 1500 m races (when no starting blocks are required)
3431.901 : OST4 start transducer (second transducer for backup signal)
Typical Wiring Configuration
wiring false start
  • These sturdy starting blocks, made of aluminium and stainless steel, feature an extra large 120 x 263 mm non-slip adjustable footrest for optimal stability, fully assisting the athletes’ performance.
  • The loudspeaker transmits the starter’s instructions, the gunshot, and the possible false start signal.
  • The rest pressure is adjustable from 20 to 40 kg. The distance between the feet, as well as the foot's start angle can be freely adjusted.
  • Another handy feature is the control LED, providing indications during thrust sensor adjustments.
2982.639 : Track & field starting block with loudspeaker (single unit, see below for complete sets) starting blocks
Dimensions (LxWxH) : 970 x 350 x 210 mm
Weight : 10 kg
Acoustic signals : False start : ~100 dB
Gun shot : ~90 dB
Connection : 1x Tuchel 4pMT (for thrust sensors and loudspeaker)
Operating temperature : 0 to + 50°C
Storage temperature : -20 to +70°C
Protection : IP44
Certifications :  and RoHS compliant
As seen in the below drawing, the ASC2 system can handle up to 10 starting blocks, to be ordered as sets.

Sets include 6, 8 or 10 double winders (3448.609) and a dynamometer.

3346.703 : Track & field starting blocks set of 6
3346.701 : Track & field starting blocks set of 8
3346.702 : Track & field starting blocks set of 10
Built around a dedicated hardware, CHRONOS performs all the time-critical functions. The data is processed by an internal computer running under Windows CE®. An antiglare color LCD (backlit, 640 x 480 pixels, 65536 colours) provides enhanced contrast, even under direct sunlight conditions. The fast built-in printer provides live printouts.

chronos setup

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