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Sport In The Box


Sport in the Box

Sport In The Box is a powerful production and playout system that allows the user to create engaging live content and output it to videoboards, in-house tv systems and streaming.

It handles playout of stored images and videos, live video inputs, replays and graphics for both full screen scoreboards and overlays for TV.

With great flexibility Sport In The Box can output almost any format and resolution to adapt with custom video screens, making it the ideal solution for both smaller clubs and larger arenas.

Sport In The Box can have multiple live video inputs with SDI, HDMI or NDI and the output windows can be placed in any size and position on the desktop to adapt to the LED-screens used, taking away the need for a video scaler.


Sport In The Box supports several different sports and has one panel that changes for each sport depending on what is selected to suit your special needs.

For team sports such as football, ice Hockey, handball and several others, there is a team interface where you can select logo, team colors, player number, pictures etc.

Together with live data from a console or the internal game clock the system can show player presentations, penalties, team setups and alot more from the push of a button.

Sport In The Box supports several different types of sports such as: handball, basketball, futsal, floorball, fotball, American football, Australian football, rugby, netball, ice hockey, tennis, figure skating, waterpolo, swimming and several more.

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  • Specification

Sport In The Box 2 is our latest generation of software to create immersive video wall productions for sports.

Create dynamic content
Sport In The Box lets you create and control dynamic content on your videoboards during the game, to engage both audience and your team by easily creating a professional production. Sport In The Box handles video, graphics with live data, player presentations, lineups, scoreboards, commercials and match events. Synchronized playout to multiple video screens, rings or in-house tv.
Sport In The Box is also easy to use, allowing it to be the perfect solution for both smaller clubs and an larger arenas.
Sports and Controllers

Support most sports
Sport In The Box supports most sports like: Soccer, Hockey, Basket and Handball. And comes with graphic template suited for each sport. It can also connect to many different brands of matchboxes among: Swiss Timing, Nautronic, Westerstrand, Bodet, Shauf, Alge.
Graphics and Data

Pree installed graphic templates
Sport In The Box comes with graphic templates for each sport to create full screen scoreboards, player presentations and lineups. It also comes with overlay “TV” graphics to be used on top off live video inputs. The templates can be customized by selecting your team colors to create tailored presentations straight out of the box. By adding team lineups, logos, player pictures templates into Sport In The Box it becomes easy to display the right graphics with a single click.
Custom graphics for single team can also be also be created upon request.

Video Inputs and Playout
Sport In The Box can have multiple live video inputs and together with graphics and other video contents allows the operator to create a full video production for the videoboard.
Sport In The Box also supports multiple video outputs for setups with more than one videoscreen. Size and position of each video output can be set to match any videoboard, to remove the need for expensive scalers. Contents can also be setup to allow synchronized playout over different screns at the click of a single button, and be triggered at a match event.

Installation and Mobility
Sport In The Box can be customized to your needs. In a small installation it can be run on a single laptop, and for bigger installations it can be installed in a mobile or fixed rack with multiple video inputs and outputs.

Other Sports and Applications
Sport In The Box can also be used for many other sports and application. Swimming and Athletics are two examples of applications where Sport In The Box is used to create proffesional result graphics presentations.

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