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High Speed Video


The High Speed Video system is a combined hardware/software solution for measuring times within the recorded video. To perform this, the cameras are directed at the finish line, or the point of interest and the start signal is connected. The recordings are saved to hard disks and can be monitored directly after recorded or opened and reviewed when needed.

In the image you get the time of day and the current racetime, making it easy for the operator to scroll to the correct position in the video and read out the time. If the start was missed for some reason, the time of day is also shown, making it easy to calculate the correct time together with the main timekeeping system.

The cameras capture 100 frames per second in HD-quality, making it easy to get a crisp image of the finishline to easily be able to get to the correct frame. Multiple cameras can be synchronized so that they record frames at the exact same moment, making it easy to comparative review of the videos.

For swimming, the system consists of four cameras that are hanged above the finish line, 1 camera capturing 2 lanes. Remote control of the zoom, focus and iris, makes it easy to adjust the cameras to the finish line. As an add-on it’s also possible to get an electronically pivot head, making it even easier to control the exact recording position.

For judging in quick events, it’s possible to connect hook up a  laptop to the system and do all judging on this computer, leaving only the recording task to the main system.

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