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ATU-X Wireless Timekeeping System

ATU-X Wireless Timekeeping System

IC Control ATU-X is a wireless timekeeping system for sport.  The system can receive timing pulses on from both physical inputs and  wireless modules that are connected. Available is also the wireless photocell P1-R, that have been developed together with ATU-X and is a perfect match for timekeeping. Together they create a practical, easy to use and safe timekeeping system for all sports. The timekeeping precision of the system is user selectable up to 1/1000 of a second, both trough cable and wireless transmission. In free line of sight the system has a radio range of over 1 km, that makes the system well suited even for timekeeping over long distances.

The ATU-X can also be equipped with a second radio transceiver which enables it to wirelessly control scoreboards.ATU-X has in total got 16 inputs for timing pulses, four of these inputs can also be set as outputs to forward timekeeping pulses to other timing devices like photo finish cameras. It has an built in battery that charges automatically when ATU-X is connected to computer or power adaptor. The system can also be controlled from a computer when connected via the USB interface.

The large and clear display makes it easy for an operator to supervise the ATU-X during use. And two way radio communication enables remote monitoring of battery
levels and signal strength of wireless units on the track.

ATU-X is a wireless, safe and easy to use timekeeping system for all sports

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