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Water Slide Timer

Water Slide Timer
Upgrade your waterslide with our easy to use fully automatic timekeeping system.
With our timekeeping system, it's more fun going down the waterslide, competing against family and friends, and it is also safer because of the starting light.

With the help of a green and red starting light, the system indicates when the slide is ready for a new rider, this minimizes chances for collisions.

When crossing the start line the running time is started and is displayed on the scoreboard.

Photocells for start and finish are mounted through lenses in the track, making them un-intrusive and hidden from riders.

Through a clear scoreboard it is possible for bystanders to follow the running time during the race and for the rider to see the finish time when ended. It is possible to connect several scoreboards simultaneously of different sizes to one
system so that one can be mounted at the start line and one at the finish line.

When started, the system is completely autonomous.
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