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Virtual Swim Trainer

LED Pace system for swim training
The Virtual Swim Trainer® is a system which is able to control, through either a PC or a tablet, an LED strip protected with a waterproof cover. Its length can vary from 5 to 50 metres.

The athlete constantly sees the lights flow and can easily confirm in real time if his pace is congruent with the one programmed or if he is going slower or faster. The precision approximation is less than half a second and the LED intensity permits a perfect visibility with any light condition.

The Virtual Swim Trainer® has been designed  to follow up to 12 athletes at the same time within the same lane. The basic kit controller can manage and control up to 8 lanes at the same time.

Along with the Virtual Swim Trainer® software we provide a second application: the Swimming Session Creator®. This software allows the user to create a swimming training session very quickly and easily. This enables the athlete or coach to create a training profile prior to going into the water.
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