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Swimming touchpad for reliable results
The OCP5 touchpad consists of a high-grade stainless steel frame, supporting interlinked individual PVC slats. The slats are hard-wearing, nonabrasive and provide an excellent non-slip surface. The touchpad is designed for sustained heavy use. Reliability and durability are unaffected by hard water or chemical corrosion.

The contact strips within the pad will close and thus give a timing signal, when 2 to 3 kg of localised pressure is applied to any point on the surface of the pad. The clever design of the touchpad is such that whilst it is highly sensitive to localised impact, it will not react to an overall change in surface
pressure, thus eliminating false impulses from waves and wash.

The integration of carefully selected high quality materials and leading edge technology guarantee long life and make the OCP5 the reference for swimming timing equipment. Repairs may be carried out by the client, on site, meaning that no pads need be returned for repair.

A specially designed storage and transport trolley is available as a recommended option, to accommodate up to ten full height OCP5 touchpads.
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  • Specifications
  • Options
  • Brochure
  • Four sizes
  • Easy maintenance
  • Non slip
  • Non abrasive
  • Non corrosive
  • Low weight
  • High sensitivity
  • Easy storage
  • Easy transport
  • FINA recommended
ocp5 specs   REFERENCE NO. LENGTH (mm) HEIGHT (mm) LANE WIDTH (mm) DIST. 'D' (mm) WEIGHT (kg)
OCP5 190/90 2924.005 1908 905 2000 1885 12.8
6 lanes kit 2924.787*          
8 lanes kit 2924.788*          
10 lanes kit 2924.789*          

OCP5 240/90 (FINA) 2924.003 2403 905 2500 2380 16.3
6 lanes kit 2924.797*          
8 lanes kit 2924.798*          
10 lanes kit 2924.799*          

OCP5 150/60 2924.000 1503 605 1600 1300 7.3
6 lanes kit 2924.767*          
8 lanes kit 2924.768*          
10 lanes kit 2924.769*          

OCPF 200/60 (AAU-NCAA) 2924.001 2003 605 2100 1800 10.2
6 lanes kit 2924.777*          
8 lanes kit 2924.778*          
10 lanes kit 2924.779*          

Note: Sets (*) are supplied with spare maintenance material, mounting material, a dynamometer and a tester to check the pads. Single units are supplied without mounting material. In lanes less than 2.0m wide, touchpads are "gutter" mounted.

All touchpads are ce logoand rohsRoHS compliant.
Harness set for mobile installations:
3409.914, set for 4 lanes
3409.916, set for 6 lanes
3409.918, set for 8 lanes
3409.910, set for 10 lanes

2924.903, for up to 10 touchpads

omega touchpads cover
OMEGA touchpads cover protection:
This PVC protective cover is designed to preserve the touchpads during storage periods. For up to 10 touchpads sized 190 x 90 cm or 240 x 90 cm. To be used with the storage trolley.
Download information sheet. pdfdownload-628

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